After All, What Is Home?

Good hello everyone!

I write to you from a tiny island in the middle of the pacific. This place used to be where I lived, and still one I like to call home. Being back here has brought back so many memories, overwhelmed with different emotions. I forgot what it was like to be in a place where you feel that you whole heartedly belong. Whether it’s because I love that first gasp of air in the morning flavoured with salt, or if it’s because of the people I’ve come to cherish.

I don’t know how my life has been graced with such blessings. My family and friends are nothing short of amazing and supportive, constantly pushing me to reach for the sky. I’m consistently reminded of how important relationships are and the value they carry. I’ve gotten to travel and see the world, and in a couple weeks I will add another city to my array of places I’ve called home.

In a little over than two weeks I’ll be on another plane headed to Vancouver, BC! I’ve got my ticket, and my deposit, and my visa will be underway upon entry! The next big step will be covering the first quarter of SBS, which is 3000 CAD (2040 EUR) excluding personal costs. The closer the day comes the more excited I become!

As some of you already know, the reason as to why I am headed to Vancouver for the year is to attend a School of Biblical Studies. This is because the last year and a half I have been juggling with what I actually want to accomplish in this lifetime. To start off my journey I thought it would be brilliant to begin with studying the Bible. I need to know why I believe and what I believe. I want to strengthen my worldview and find the treasures hidden in scripture. The Bible isn’t only a guide for us but also a historic masterpiece. I’ve had this deep craving to understand the bible like those who lived during that time period and what it meant to them.

I would kindly like to ask you to keep me in your prayers!

Much love from an ambitious nomad.

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