Alright Alright Alright

Good hello everyone,

Today is the day I come bearing some news! After a long and quiet year I am here to tell you that I will be attending an SBS (School of Biblical Studies) in Vancouver, Canada! The decision to apply was more complicated than I originally anticipated (mentally, not physically).

I have been wanting to do an SBS since after my DTS in Newcastle, Australia, but the timeline of things was all a bit wobbled and out of order and I’m not the greatest decision maker out there. After a really close friend of mine came to visit me over Christmas last year, she managed to stir something up in me that I didn’t know I still wanted. It’s funny how things work out sometimes. She herself has just graduated from SBS and after hearing her stories of how difficult yet rewarding it was, I was even more intrigued.

The reason I finally decided on it was because one, I guess it feels right (Jesus told me to), and two, how incredible will it be to have an understanding of the Bible and the history it has carried with it all this time. I want to build a stronger foundation for what I believe and I would like to create a worldview that I can fully comprehend and trust in. Of course faith is all apart of what we believe in, but knowledge is also part of it and I often feel that that is neglected.


In an effort to create the needed funds for this wee adventure, I’ll be sending out postcards for any donation given. If you are interested in a personalised commission, I’d be super excited about that too and you can contact me privately! I would also like to ask you to pray alongside me as I step forward into this new era of life.

My first little mile stone is paying my deposit in order to save a spot on the school.

That will be 500 EUR/774 CAD

After that I will need insurance and a student permit, but one step at a time.

The school in total will be 6000 EUR/9000 CAD excluding airfare.
for a breakdown of needs (flights, fees & personal) please click here

My PayPal is if you want a postcard be sure to send me your address, either over Facebook or you can Email me at

P.S Before heading up to Vancouver I will be in California for one of my dearest friends wedding, and then hopefully hop over to Kona for the remaining month!

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